Family Feedback


Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete our recent customer satisfaction survey.

It is really useful to us to have your feedback and comments.

Here is a brief overview of the results
(if you wish to find out more please contact Caroline)

  • The majority of the families who responded heard about the Centre from their Health Visitor or Midwife (89%) and were mothers (98%), with 21% of those working.
  • 98% of the families who responded are either very satisfied or satisfied with the services in general.

What difference has the Centre made to you? You told us that it had helped you:

To meet new people in the local community

To spend quality time with your child/ren

To learn new skills

Become more confident in being a parent

With new ideas of playing with my child

Understand how your child develops

and the Centre has had a positive impact on your family.

What difference has the Centre made to your child? You told us they:

Have developed their play

Have become more friendly and play with other children

Have gained confidence

Enjoy joining in messy/sensory activities

Are enjoying more physical activities

Have a better relationship with you

also attending the Centre has helped them when they started pre-school/school.

It’s good to know that our services are making a difference to you and your family
and we hope we can continue to support more local families in the future.
Many thanks for helping us with our evaluations

Caroline, Manda, Tamsin and Goreti

We now have a Facebook page;

Below are a few comments from families in our area:

Staff are AMAZING and really helped me adjust to motherhood and gave me confidence in what I was doing. They are friendly and always there to support mums. They are an absolutely invaluable resource to the community.

Great Team, super friendly and supportive.

The children’s centre at Bagshot has been a brilliant source of support, advice, information and friendships for me since having our daughter!
Thank you!

Overall great offering for parents & children
Caroline & the team do a fantastic job & provide a great service & support, thank you!

The Centre has given me so much more confidence when it comes to breastfeeding; helped to calm my anxiety.

I really find it good to know that the support is there even if I can’t get to groups every week.

Everyone is so so friendly! They’ve given me back the confidence I lost when I became a single parent. My daughters love all the activities we’ve attended. It’s a brilliant service!

Lovely clean room, very friendly and can ask/talk about anything.

The staff are extremely friendly and helpful.
I really enjoy the sessions.

and some previous comments:

“It was our last day at the centre yesterday, as pre-school is next. You were the first centre we went to and have been going to since little one was a week old, so sad to leave. Many, many thanks to you and your team for the years of support. Every little bit helps with a child’s growth and development, and centres like you are so essential and wonderful for parents and children in so many ways.” 

“It’s hard to explain in a small space what we got out of the centre. What I can say is that I have had no hesitation; in fact I have encouraged others to use the facilities not only at Bagshot, but advised relatives to seek out their Sure Start Centre in areas of the country where they live.”

“The Children’s Centre has helped me and my family to ensure that my child is growing eating and developing properly. We usually get given handouts about child development and useful information from the sessions. I find it most helpful. It has also helped me to establish a closer relationship with my kids through the Messy Play sessions. I have meet wonderful mums and kids meet lovely new friends.

I would also like to mention that the staff at the Bagshot Children’s Centre are very professional and helpful.”

“We are lucky to have such a fantastic place on our doorstep.
The staff are fantastic and so welcoming.

They do an incredible job.”

Feedback from our Lightwater Play & Learn session –

I love it here because there are so many toys and my son is very happy when he plays here

Enjoy the singing

Allows my child to socialise

There is a good variety of toys, it’s good socialisation for the children and a good way of expelling lots of energy

Lots of Toys
Good variety
All ages of children
Friendly staff, always make you welcome
Good space and atmosphere

Large area to run around. Enjoy the length of the session and that it is split into 2 activities. I like how there is different rugs with different themed activities.

Fun & Friendly

Good Location & venue

The selection of toys and activities are varied

Like the activity at the end of the “play” session

Staff are welcoming and friendly…..happy to join in