Family Feedback

Thank you to everyone that completed our Customer Satisfaction Survey. Please click on the link below for the results of our survey.

Customer Satisfaction Survey report

Many thanks

Below are a few comments from families in our area:

“Both my kids are at school now, but had an amazing few years at your centre”

“We have moved from the area and because of your good work we have signed up to our new local children’s centre. Thank you very much for all the services you offer. Keep up the good work!”

“Thank you so much for Thursday’s. The past few months have been pretty tough and they were my goal each week and kept me going. It’s such a lovely group of girls and you are both so supportive. I went home every week feeling uplifted and normal and that it wasn’t just me having problems or not knowing what to do. Please say hello to everyone for me today and have a very Happy Christmas.”

“It was our last day at the centre yesterday, as pre-school is next. You were the first centre we went to and have been going to since little one was a week old, so sad to leave. Many, many thanks to you and your team for the years of support. Every little bit helps with a child’s growth and development, and centres like you are so essential and wonderful for parents and children in so many ways.” 

“The First Aid Course on Weds was excellent, therefore wondered if any space left on next one for my husband to attend.”

“I attended the first aid course last night which I thoroughly enjoyed, it was excellent – would like my husband and my mum to attend if possible.”

“Just wanted to say how informative and well-presented I found the first aid course last night.”

“Just wanted to say thank you for arranging the first aid course the tutor was excellent and I feel that I have taken a lot of knowledge away with me – I also feel the course would be beneficial for my husband to attend.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and the presentation was superb.”

Feedback from our Lightwater Play & Learn session –

79% of our families said they attended the session to interact and play with my baby/child in a safe environment

“It’s a fun friendly session that my child and I both enjoy”

“It gets my baby to burn up her energy, socialise and play with lots of lovely toys”

“We love the ball games”

“The toys & activities provided are nice and keep the children stimulated and entertained”